10.5.2019 – North Kiama / South Bombo Beach

Another forecast upper trough, and another stunning sunrise.  This time shot from Pleasant Point in Kiama.  Autumn is the perfect time of year for lovely high cloud sunrises in the Illawarra due to location of the rising sun (i.e. slightly north of east) and the orientation of Autumn cloud bands (typically north-west to south-east).

1.5.2019 to 3.5.2019 – Sunrise Trio!

What a start to May!! Three of the most stunning sunrises I have ever seen in the Illawarra, on back to back mornings.

24.4.2019 – Belmore Falls and Bio-luminescent Mushrooms

Eastern holidays, time to do some exploring!  I visited the Southern Highlands region around old Belmore Falls to try and get a few moody shots of the waterfalls in that area.


During shooting the waterfall above I noticed a few mushrooms, which looked like they might be bio-luminescent.  Came back at 7pm and sure enough, they were glowing beautifully!  These photos are shot with a 24mm lens set up on a tripod and exposed for about 3 to 5 minutes to bring out the best colour.

20.4.2019 – Wollongong Harbour (Belmore Basin) Full Moon

Old Wollongong lighthouse shines again!

On Saturday evening with the near full moon forecast to rise at about 6.20 pm in the ESE, I snuck down to Wollongong Harbour to attempt a shot I had tried last year, but slightly missed the focus.  This time, I was super happy with the result!

This photo is shot is taken from the end of the southern breakwater in Wollongong harbour.  A slight motion blur was applied to the water to achieve the long exposure streaks. For comparison, the unedited version is also included below. 

Settings / Gear / PP
Canon 6D w/Sigma 24-70mm lens
Shot @52mm, iso800, 2″ f4
Motion Blur applied to the foreground using Corel Paintshop Pro 2019

19.4.2019 – Coalcliff Easter Suprise!

Wow.  It was well worth getting up early to kick off the long weekend with a slow burning sunrise at Coalcliff.

Shots 1 and 2 were taken about 30 minutes apart!

Shot 1 is a composite photograph of a short and long exposure taken a few seconds apart at 24 mm (bracketed).  The foreground was a 2 second exposure, with the sky taken as a separate exposure to create contrast and ensure the fisherman was as sharp as possible.
Coalcliff 2

Coalcliff Sunrise – I’m always keeping and eye on the waves, just as a huge ones crashes over the rocks to create that silky movement I was hoping for!

Foreground: 2″ f18 iso50          Sky: 0.2″ f18 iso50
Shot 2: A single image, featuring Andrew McIntosh in the foreground scouting some pre-dawn compositions as the sky started to fire.
Coalcliff 1

Coalcliff Sunrise – Striated sand patterns at low tide as the colour really kicks off

Shot 2: 24mm, iso250, f5.6, 1″