Storm chasing is a huge passion of mine.  I am mostly drawn to the adrenalin rush, the fleeting moments of landscape brilliance and the rush to try and capture that elusive picture!

This gallery is a showcase of some of my storm chasing adventures from 2007 to present.  If you would like more information about any of the photographs shown, do not hesitate to contact me!

All photographs are available to purchase in full high resolution and professionally printed to any size (unless otherwise stated).


Ref #01 – Wollongong

9 - Smooth Channel Crawler

Ref #02 – Bulli Point

6 - Razorback Storm

Ref #05 – Razorback

8 - Bolts at Mossvale

Ref #03 – Kangaroo Valley

7 - Moss vale Angry Cloud

Ref #04 – Mossvale

2 - Weird Cloud Harbour

Ref #07 – Helmholtz

1 - Cu Tower

Ref #06 – Cumulus

3 - Tiered Shelf

Ref #08 – Shelf

5 - Sandon Point

Ref #10 – Sandon


Ref #11 – Braidwood


Ref #12 – Lighthouse

Order a print or ask us a question about pricing/sizing/medium below:

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