Storm chasing is a long time passion of mine.  I am mostly drawn to the dynamics of weather, the adrenalin rush of the chase, the fleeting moments of landscape brilliance and attempting  to capture those elusive stormy landscapes.

This gallery is a showcase of some of my storm chasing adventures from 2007 to present.  If you would like more information about any of the photographs shown, do not hesitate to contact me!

All photographs are available to purchase in full high resolution and professionally printed to any size (unless otherwise stated).

I am also a proud administrator of Illawarra Stormchasers and tester for Strikefinder Precsion Camera Triggers.

2018 / 2019 STORM SEASON

15 MARCH 2019

Perhaps the final storm of the season.  A strong cold front swept Tasmania, with an associated trough over southern NSW.  This brought a series of strong thunderstorms to the Illawarra region, with some of the most intense lightning I have ever heard, followed by a beautiful display of anvil lightning.  Here are a few of the photos 🙂

18 FEBRUARY 2019

On Monday 18 February 2019, a short wave upper trough brought a decent chance of high based thunderstorms to our region.  It was a very dry setup, with a strong capping inversion over the Wollongong area.  I was initially about 5 km away from the show, which was racing east.  This made it hard to find a composition that would work, so I had to settle for letting the bolts do the work (with a little help from the five islands).

The pics are all shot on my 24-70mm Sigma Art Series lens. Starting at 24mm, and moving out to ~60 mm as the bolts got further away. The further away the storm moved, the more lightning active it got (as is always the way!)

A beautiful, relaxing start to the week!  I also got to test the Strike Finder 2!  As I am sure you can see it didn’t miss a bolt, even the distant ones.  A review for this product will be posted soon!

Please Note: Most of these photos are available to print at all sizes.  However, some are tighter crops and may only be available in smaller sizes.  See the bottom of the page for the contact form to send an enquiry 🙂


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