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       David is a Photographer from the South Coast of NSW.  His passions lie with landscapes, adventure photography and storms, but he also enjoys occasionally shooting sports, family portraits, events and surfing.

David’s goal is to take his photography to the world and follow his dreams of photographing nature in some of the most remote places in the world.

INSPIRATIONS (by David Metcalf)

I never leave home without my camera regardless of where I am going.  I see potential for a possible photograph in nearly everything I look at!  I am mostly inspired by the weather, music, the amazing work of other photographers and the people I am closest to (my family and friends).


If you are interested in obtaining prints, displaying my work, working with me or have any other queries, click ‘Contact’ and send me an email!


4 thoughts on “HOME (ABOUT)

  1. Hi David,
    I would like to view your work and hopefully purchase one for christmad for my son who lives in Corrimal. Can you advise me on where to go?


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